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Ergonomic Wellness

Ergonomics is the study of determining the best fit between a worker and the tools needed to complete a job. Poor ergonomics can lead to injury from a onetime accident or cumulative trauma from repeated motions over time. In this workshop, you will learn ergonomic injury risk factors, how to evaluate your office workstation to improve ergonomics, and alternative office tools such as ergonomic mice, keyboards, and desks. Understanding ergonomic principals at your job can help you prevent injuries, work more comfortably and protect your long-term health. Demos will be available for attendees to view and you’ll learn about an important resource available to you on campus through the Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities.

Tuesday, March 7 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm, University Center 326/327

Facilitator: Marlena Lanini is MonTECH’s Eastern Clinic Coordinator. She is an occupational therapist and enjoys helping connect people with assistive technology.

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Anna-Margaret Goldman, Ph.D.

MonTECH Program Director

The Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities

University of Montana

(406) 243-5769