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Sorry I missed it.  I was out sick yesterday.


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Subject: [ACCESSPARTNERS-L] AP workshop with Nina G and ADA Student Leadership Award


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The Access Partners workshop on creating a diverse environment for all people took place yesterday, March 21. For those who attended the workshop, thank you! Over 60 people attended this workshop despite other competing campus events. It was a good event. Nina G and her co-presenter Mike Beers, a UM alumnus, were fantastic. We hope you enjoyed it, too.


Disability Services’ Facebook  posted photos from the workshop yesterday. Please like, comments, and share the post. 


We also have an announcement. The Americans with Disabilities Act (DAC) Team is now accepting nominations for the ADA Student Leadership Award. This award recognizes a UM student who has made a signification contribution to diversity and accessibility.  Please submit your nomination by the deadline: Thursday, April 7, 2016.


Thank you!

Access Partners
University of Montana


Americans with Disabilities Act Student Leadership Award


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Award honors students whose important contributions advance education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities at the University of Montana.  The ADA Team recognizes that endeavors toward carrying on the spirit of the ADA require commitment and perseverance through challenges.  Awardees continually set a high standard of excellence by honoring the importance of civil rights laws, using best quality practices, and creating innovative solutions that support the vision of the University of Montana to create a completely accessible campus.



Candidates for this award must meet elements of the following criteria:

·       Promotes a positive attitude about differences and encourages others to learn, respect, and appreciate diversity.

·       Inspires others to be involved in issues of accessibility.

·       Facilitates collaborative and creative thinking about issues of accessibility.

·       Takes responsibility and is willing to be held accountable for initiatives.

·       Participates in campus activities, committees, and processes that promote accessibility.

·       Impacts the lives of fellow students for the better.


Who is eligible?

            All currently-enrolled UM students that meet the criteria are eligible for consideration.


Who may nominate?

Any current student, faculty or staff member of the University of Montana may submit a nomination.


Nomination requirements?

The nominator(s) should submit a letter of no more than two pages addressing why the nominee meets the award criteria.


Send nominations and documentation to:

            Kerry Hallin

Senior Systems Analyst

Business Services


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Deadline for nominations:

            Thursday, April 7, 2016



The award will be presented at the Annual Outstanding Student Leadership Awards Ceremony, Tuesday, April 19th at 4:00 pm in the UC Ballroom.



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